Artist Statement

Artist Statement I see my work as a form of tales, tales telling about what touches and interests me.

My inspiration comes partly from the current civic debate, partly from my fascination of close things in my environment such as water, plants, and various exciting cavities. Using time to listen and consider is important for my artistic work.

My main tools when working with textile arts are weaving technique and the possibilities contained in manipulating textile materials.

In recent years I have worked to explore the possibility to stretch the woven expression by working with three-dimensional shape, and self-supporting structures.

I have researched the construction of cavity relevant to bearing capacity in thin materials from the traditional weaving technique. In practical I construct a fabric in many layers to achieve buoyancy in material that has no bearing itself.

I choose a material without its own buoyancy. I Ďam attracted the brittle fabric sensuality, this is part of my personal challenge.

About the artist